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U.S. attacks al-Shabab in Somalia(0)
DHS didn’t abuse illegal immigrant children: audit(0)
Sen. Chris Murphy: Nothing wrong with Obama’s cautious approach to Islamic State(0)
CAFB instructor pilot dies in Texas plane crash(0)
Pakistan lawmakers back premier amid mass protests(0)
Thai junta forces rights group to nix presentation(0)
Video: Humanitarian aid air drop near Amiril, Iraq(0)
Putin’s ’2 weeks to Kiev’ out of context: aide(0)
Syrian rebels issue demands for captive UN troops(0)
US military targets Islamic extremists in Somalia(0)
S. Korea soldiers charged with homicide over death(0)
Twin lights added to 9/11 memorial in Marion(0)
Homicide charges for S. Korean soldiers over death(0)
UK: Passports could be seized to fight terrorism(0)
Hagel: Suicide Prevention Means Watching Out for Each Other(0)
Ivory Coast govt. will allow Sierra Leone team in, qualifier can go ahead(0)
Ukraine rebels pull back from independence demands at cease-fire talks(0)
Syrian rebels, government clash in Golan Heights(0)
Mexico turns to army, drones for security(0)
US military targets extremists in Somalia(0)
U.S. carries out counterterrorism strike in Somalia(0)
Obama inaction on Russia invasions of Ukraine could impede nuclear disarmament(0)
Pentagon set to open second drone base in Niger as it expands operations in Africa(0)
Key to a U.S. strategy to fight Islamic extremism is building a delicate alliance(0)
Wounded Warrior training for ‘Invictus’ games in London(0)
USMC Super Stallion crashes in Gulf of Aden; all 25 personnel rescued(0)
Indian role in future Indo-Russian stealth fighter remains unclear(0)
COFFEY: Frustrated by Greece, Macedonia proves itself worthy of NATO(0)
Pakistan’s premier challenged by raging protests(0)
PM Cameron unveils new measures to tackle terror threat(0)
Military installation unlikely habitat for snakes(0)
Putin calls for ‘statehood’ talks in Eastern Ukraine(0)
Diving legend Walter Mazzone dies at 96Comments Off
Filipino force defied UN commander in Golan crisisComments Off
FBI domestic threat assessment omits radical Islam?Comments Off
Moscow: Ukraine talks must back cease-fire nowComments Off
UK to propose controversial anti-terror lawsComments Off
VA to hold town halls to discuss health careComments Off
Judiciary committee taking up terror lawsuit billComments Off
A Hypersonic Arms RaceComments Off
U.S. attacks al-Shabab in Somalia

U.S. military forces attacked the extremist al-Shabab network in Somalia Monday, the Pentagon said, and a witness described ground-shaking explosions

USMC Super Stallion crashes in Gulf of Aden; all 25 personnel rescued

A U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter assigned to the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit crashed at sea today in

Indian role in future Indo-Russian stealth fighter remains unclear

As India and Russia are negotiating a follow-on contract for engineering phase of India’s future stealth fighter, the Indian side

Diving legend Walter Mazzone dies at 96

Retired Capt. Walter Mazzone, a decorated World War II submariner who later became legend as a pioneering medical officer in

A Hypersonic Arms Race

What is the status of China’s and the United States’ hypersonic weapons programs? What can open source tell us about

Syrian Jihadists turn against peacekeepers on the Golan

The collapse of the Syrian regime’s military stronghold around Quneitra, the main city in the Syrian Golan height, and border

Air Force Museum restoring Titan rocket

Restoration experts at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force are launching their largest restoration project yet at the

Iraqi forces break militant siege of town after U.S. airstrikes

Iraqi security forces and Shiite militiamen on Sunday broke a six-week siege imposed by the Islamic State extremist group on

Militia says it ‘secured’ U.S. compound in Libya

The Islamist-allied militia group in control of Libya’s capital has ‘secured’ a U.S. Embassy residential compound there, more than a

U.S. trained Alaskans as secret ‘stay-behind agents’

Fearing a Russian invasion and occupation of Alaska, the U.S.    

Philippine troops pull ‘greatest escape’ in Golan

Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers escaped their besieged outpost in the Golan Heights after a seven-hour gunbattle with

Senator: Obama may be too cautious with militants

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein says President Obama may be too cautious in his approach to dealing with Islamic State militants.    

MARSOC offers operator spots to reservists

Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command put out a call for enlisted reservists to join the ranks of critical skills

Air Force secretary calls for review of testing procedures after cheating incidents

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has directed the service to review its testing procedures following multiple high-profile incidents of

DoD makes advances toward blood test to diagnose concussions

The Defense Department is closing in on a blood test to detect concussions.    

Coming up the gangway: Sailors in exoskeletons

Anyone who saw Ripley defeat the alien queen in the 1986 film ‘Aliens’ knows how badass exoskeleton technology can be.    

DoD takes lead on finding drugs to fight superbugs

With very few antibiotics in development at major pharmaceutical companies, the Pentagon is stepping in to support research to combat

New Balance pitches DoD on standard-issue shoe for recruits

New Balance has unveiled a sneaker prototype that could become standard-issue in boot camp and spell an end to the

Israel shoot down a Syrian drone over the Golan heights

Israel’s air defense Patriot units have shot down a Syrian unmanned aerial vehicle that entered Israeli air space from Syria

Putin to Ukraine: Begin immediate talks on east

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis

Army sees ‘megacities’ as the future battlefield

When the Army looks to the future, it sees cities.    

Iranian analyst: Israeli drone could have exploited serious gap in Iran’s air defenses

The Israeli drone downed by the Iranian IRGC on August 23 may have exploited a serious gap in Iran’s air

5 U.S. airstrikes target Islamic State fighters near Iraqi dam

The U.S. military says fighter aircraft and unmanned drones have struck Islamic State militants near Iraq’s Mosul Dam.    

Isodarco PSA

For the second year in a row, a PSA regarding the Isodarco conference! Isodarco since 1966 Italian Pugwash Group International

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